Tips for an enjoyable summer school holiday

School holidays have rapidly come at us – Reed finishes school at the end of next week. I’m so excited to spend some time together (and maybe a few sleep ins 🤣). School holidays can be really stressful though for some, especially if you have multiple children. Over the years I have learnt some tips on how to handle the summer break that I want to share.

I recently met with Katherine from @thejoyfulhabitscoach who is so passionate about helping mums to create habits that give joy. Often we are expected to “do it all” and this creates a feeling of being stressed to accomplish it all. I’m as guilty of this as everyone. Katherine and I also discussed how it’s so easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of having the kids home for 6-8 weeks over the holidays and these are some of the tips we have to share with you:

• Keep it simple and don’t over complicate it. A trip to the beach, park or skate park with a picnic lunch can be a happy day out for all. Try inviting friends from school to keep the kids in contact over the holidays.

• Make it fun and don’t be afraid to get the kids in on the action. Encourage them to write a list of activities or places they want to visit during the break. Some ideas of what we have on our list are: Perth Zoo, Laser Tag, Rollerskating, Adventure World and Jungle Gym. We will alternate these with trips to the park and beach.

• Plan your days to ensure that you aren’t rushing around and exhausting yourself. Planning big days out with rest in-between helps you to relax and also keep activities within your budget. Use the list the kids wrote to plan out when to do the big ticket items and when to arrange slower-paced days.

• Find free events in your local community by jumping on Facebook. Shopping centres often have free events which can also help you escape the heat.

• Prioritise rest and play – it is important for yourself and the kids that rest days are factored into plans. It is okay to rest, I know Reed loves an “at home” day as much as he loves going out adventuring.

I’m passionate about being a hands on Mum but ensuring that I stick to a budget whilst creating meaningful memories with Reed. I’ll pop these tips into a blog post with some more helpful hints. For more tips on how to create healthy habits make sure you give Katherine @thejoyfulhabitscoach a follow.

For a list of activities to do in Perth keep an eye out. I’ll publish a list of activities we will be doing these holidays and a few more for inspiration later on today.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas 🎄


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