Road Trippin’ to Geraldton

Covid hasn’t been kind to any of us this year, but I also think sometimes this like this re-align us to what is important. In Western Australia we have adopted a hard border stance which meant the past October school holidays we were forced to holiday in our own state. This was fantastic! For so long I’ve wanted to travel “up north” and fear stopped me. I thought “it’s such a long drive for just an adult and a child” “what if something happens”…. and you know what, it was just my excuse not to move out of my comfort zone. With the help of some great friends I planned our trip and it looked a little something like this…

It was truly amazing seeing The Pinnacles and knowing something this beautiful exists not too far from where we live. In such a massive state, saying a two and a bit hour drive is close is probably acceptable right?!

Day 1: Reed and I left on a Tuesday morning, arriving in Geraldton in the late afternoon after our detour past The Pinnacles. Reed was so excited there was a play area and had to test it out as soon as we unpacked the car. We stayed at Sunset Beach Holiday Park which was about a 8 minute drive from the main town area. It was literally right on the beach (see photo above). Behind the cabin there was the beginning of the beach.

After checking out the facilities and unpacking a little we ventured out to dinner to meet our friends. The kids have been to school together since Kindy and have a beautiful friendship. Reed was so excited to be holidaying with friends. Dinner was lovely and we finished the evening in pjs watching a movie in bed.

Day 2: We decided to day trip to Kalbarri via the Pink Lake in Port Gregory. The lake is so gorgeous, definitely worth a stop over on your way up north if you can. Here’s some shots. We went in the middle of the day, if you can I would recommend going in the afternoon if you want to take photos.

It was really nice weather to see the Skywalk in Kalbarri as well as walking to Nature’s Window. The flies bothered Reed a bit, so next time I’ll be sure I take an arsenal of fly-repelling devices to ensure he’s not bothered.

Although we went in October it was hot on the walk so it’s really important to remember to take plenty of fresh, cold water.

Nature’s Window is a fragile site so it’s important that all visitors abide by the signs of not climbing it. Here’s a link to some more information if you are planning on going too.

After hiking the kids asked to go to the park on the foreshore. It was a lovely way to unwind.

We spent the whole day in Kalbarri so the kids could swim at the beach after.

Day 3: Reed and I visited the War Memorial.

Afterwards, we went to Oakabella Homestead for lunch and to have a look at the buildings. Oakabella Homestead is situated 32km north of Geraldton and 18.5kms south of Northampton.

The grounds are beautiful, it was lovely walking through all the old machinery and buildings and wonder what it would have been like at its prime. Tours usually occur but due to covid they are not running at the moment. On the tour you are able to explore the main house, outbuildings, farm and shearing sheds while hearing tales of ghost sightings, decades of drama, life, death and mysteries that have left their mark on the property. I would definitely go back for a tour when they are running again. Well worth a visit.

Visit to the Lighthouse

Before our last dinner Reed and I stopped at the foreshore for some photos. How stunning is the sunset.

Day 4: Geraldton Museum on the way home. During this trip Reed was able to add to his WA Aus Coin collection. We grabbed the coin from the museum but will visit next time.

We had the best trip and hope to go back soon. It’s been so fun exploring our state together.


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