Why I cried after my son’s first week at full time school.

Here we are… the evening of the first full week of full time school.

I’m sitting here with a wine, wondering where the week went.

Our week, starting with Monday with a blur of clean uniforms, making a lunchbox he will actually eat, food shopping after we ran out of food, 10 trips to school and back. Those trips alone took about 6 hours! We had tantrums about going “again” and lunches that weren’t fully eaten. I scrambled to have “easy” snacks in the car for the hungry nearly five year old to eat on our drive home whilst I heard all the highlights of his day.

In the hurry of getting home, we discussed the highlights of his day. First day it was one of the kids digging a massive hole in the sandpit. Day two it was getting back into routine which included their weekly library visit. By day three it was a bit of a blur for us both – we got home as soon as possible and discussed what he wanted to do in the school holidays. Day four I had a meeting with my son’s teacher to get in track for the year. This I will touch on after. Day five and we rushed home for Reed to visit his father for the weekend. I felt so sad when he asked me if he had to stay. The poor kid just wanted to be cuddled up safe in bed watching a movie at home.

I sat down to recharge and then that’s when the tears came. My baby is growing up…. I am spending a whole week without him. We miss each other and just want to be close to each other. I miss those little details he tells me at night when he is in his safe place.

And then the tears came.

As much as we might mentally prepare to let go of our kids and give them to the education system – it’s still such a shock when that first week is over. The kids are confused, many of them asking their mums if they really had to go the next day. They are tired, excited for a new class and to see their friends after such a long time. They are still our little kids we want to hold close.

No one ever tells us as parents how to handle this.

It’s usually all about how the kids handle this.

I miss my son. I miss our lazy days, our sleep ins and our silly moments. I miss the leisure of chatting on a Tuesday morning, catching up on the school day he has the day before. I miss having lunch dates on those days off and spending time together because I know I won’t see him that weekend.

So that’s why after such a busy week, a few tears were shed. It’s an adjustment for all of us, not just the kids. I don’t ever want to take away how important is it for the kids – I am beaming with pride how much my son loved his first week. Seeing him searching for videos on how to speak mandarin just really melted my heart. As someone that always has a thirst for knowledge – I am so damn proud to see my kid loving the education environment I chose for him. I love interacting with the other parents, having become close friends with several of the mothers and it’s a pleasure to see them every day.

I hope all the other parents and kids had a wonderful first week at school. I want you to know it’s perfectly fine to let that emotion out and next week we are going to nail this 🙌🏼

Have a wonderful year with your kids and take those moments to treasure your kids as much as I treasure mine.


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