July 2018 School Holidays

With the next school holidays only a few weeks away, I thought it was time I did a review of how I survived my second school holidays. I’m certainly used to having Reed around full time, but it differs when they (and you) are used to them attending school part time.

It was great to reconnect with Reed as with starting Kindy, weekends apart and my uni work load, some times it felt like we didn’t get the much needed bonding time together.

The first week of the school holidays we went to Tree Adventures at Lane Poole Park. I really recommend taking kids 4+ to Dwellingup to do the course. It’s a great outdoors activity and allows the kids to use their problem-solving skills. To read more about this view this blog post here.

Reed and I also visited Scitech during these holidays. We love Scitech, visiting twice for their new exhibition and of course Toddlerfest.

Here’s a few photos from our Scitech trips.

Being winter, there was a pile of activities that were winter-inspired like ice skating! We went a few times, here are some photos below of our visit with Sandy and her kids to SkatingAt on Elizabeth Quay.

If you ever get the chance to visit a winter festival like SkatingAt, I really recommend it! Reed had a ball and surprised me how well he dealt with the ice! Look how much fun the boys had!


Keeping the kids entertained isn’t all about paying for activities though. My tip is to research into what shopping centres are doing for the holidays. Here in Perth, it seems every major shopping centre has their own display for the kids. This Dinosaur Discovery display at Whitfords City Shopping Centre was a collaboration with Perth Zoo. Boys love dinosaurs so this was such a hit! Here’s some photos of their day.

This leads me into another tip I have for survival for parents these coming school holidays, especially local Perth Mummas! Perth Zoo is launching their Zoorassic Dinosaurs again this September. We will be buying a Zoofriends Membership again. It allows free entry for a year for a small annual fee. It’s a great place for kids of all ages, with kids under 4 free. I highly recommend visiting and we will be and I know you’ll see some snaps from our trips.


One of the highlights for Reed was Kids Wonderland under the big top. Here’s some snaps from our visit. It’s a fantastic idea to visit a Kids Carnival. Generally it’s one entry free for kids and adults but then all rides and activities are included in the cost. It certainly keep the cost down however there’s always a few things you have to buy extra like food and a showbag if you want to. We didn’t this time, the unlimited rides was enough to entertain the kids!

And the most important, I think, is still trying to do activities we love as adults. Reed and I went out for lunch to Atrium at Crown Perth. During the school holidays so many places have a kids eat free so it’s fantastic for parents! I love Atrium as it’s a buffet so there is something for every taste! Reed loves the activity packs too which helps me eat in peace!


So, a recap. Research what’s out there for kids. Plan which activities you are going to do, who you are going to do them with and whether you need to book/buy tickets/what you need to bring. Have a back up plan just in case something is cancelled or the weather isn’t great. And most importantly have fun! School holidays don’t need to be stressful if you plan them correctly.


If you need help planning your school holidays, reach about and I’m always happy to help!


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