Tree top adventures

The term two holidays have been and gone. We were super active during these school holidays to the point I needed a few weeks or so to recover!

One of the favourite activities I took Reed to was the Trees Adventure course in Lane Poole Park. Just an hour out of Perth, it’s close enough for a nice day trip. As Reed turned four in June, it was the perfect time to take him. These activities are for all ages from 4+. I wasn’t sure how well Reed would go but I was pleasantly surprised on how well he grasped what to do. It did help that we went with our friends Fynn, Bray and Sandy. Sandy’s kids did the course last year so were able to help Reed when he needed it at points.

The course for 4-7 year olds wasn’t overly high and there was the choice of two courses, an introductory and intermediate course.

The boys did both courses about two times each, often racing each other to around the course.

The facilities are great, with a kiosk for snacks and coffee for parents which was great for this tired Mum.

I loved the look of the adults course. We are planning to go back next school holidays for the kids to have another go so I might try my hand at the adult course.

I highly recommend taking kids to do the course. At $25 for the 4-7’s for a two hour time time slot (plus training) it’s also an affordable activity that is keeping the kids active. I found it fantastic for problem solving skills too with the kids having the recall the training.


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