Reed and I spent this past weekend exploring one of our favourite places to visit in Perth for kids, Scitech. Twice a year, Scitech runs a Toddlerfest and it’s the perfect time for the younger ones to see what there is to offer that is both educational and fun. Having spent a lot of time exploring Scitech over the past two years (buying their annual pass is a great way to ensure you have a low cost way to entertain the kids, especially when kids under 4 are free!), there was some old favourites and some new exhibitions.

All the kids love the live beehive set up to the back right-hand corner. With the ability to see the bees flying in from the outside, making their way down to the hive, and going about their business making honey – kids can get a real life perspective on how nature works. After seeing this a few years ago, Reed and I watched The Bee Movie and such a small part of the world is suddenly so fascinating. Reed has always told people what bees do, and it’s great to be able to remind him on our visit.

My favourite part of Toddlerfest is that kids under four, who usually aren’t allowed to go into the Planetarium, are able to watch the “All Ages Shows” which introduces the toddlers to space. There is even photos of all the astronauts currently in space, and with a length of about ten minutes, it’s enough for the kids to sit still and the parents to be able to sit down and watch the show.

I started taking Reed to Scitech just before his second birthday and the amount he has learned from our visits is astronomical. I love the wonder in which he can talk about space, astronauts, bees, dinosaurs (by far our favourite seasonal exhibition).

Scitech is a great place to visit all year round, and as I mentioned, I recommend getting an annual pass to enjoy many trips there over the year. The current exhibition is focused on planets, and Reed really enjoyed it. It is geared a little towards the older children but at nearly four it was enough for him to peak his interest.

It was a great day out and I know we will be back to visit soon. I’ve added some photos of our trip to the post. Let me know your favourite snap in the comment section below!


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